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About .NET

Learn how to use .Net from beginner level to advanced techniques which is taught by experienced working professionals. With our Dot Net Training you’ll learn concepts in expert level with practical manner. Microsoft .NET is a software development platform based on virtual machine based architecture. Dot net is designed from the scratch to support programming language independent application development. The entire .NET programs are independent of any particular operating system and physical hardware machine. They can run on any physical machine, running any operating system that contains the implementation of .NET Framework. The core component of the .NET framework is its Common Language Runtime (CLR), which provides the abstraction of execution environment (Physical machine and Operating System) and manages the overall execution of any of the .NET based program.Course Fees The .NET framework is a collection of all the tools and utilities required to execute the .NET managed applications on a particular platform.

Microsoft .NET with .Net Framework helps in creating different type of applications,

Console Application

Console applications are light weight programs run inside the command prompt (DOS) window. They are commonly used for test applications.

Windows Application

Windows Applications are form based standard Windows desktop applications for common day to day tasks. Microsoft word is an example of a Windows application.

Web Application

Web applications are programs that used to run inside some web server (e.g., IIS) to fulfill the user requests over the http. A typical example of web application is Hotmail and Google.

Web Services

Web services are web applications that provide services to other applications over oogle search engine’s web service, e.g., allows other applications to delegate the task of searching over the internet to Google web service and use the result produced by it in their own applications.